We are passionate about putting the best science to work for everyone!  That’s why Biossance has is partnered with zagaya in the "Drops for life” Program.  The Drops for Life program donates cures for malaria to treat children in Africa. Biossance has contributed to purchase highly effective malarial cures that are being distributed by zagaya’s partner clinics in sub-Saharan Africa where malaria takes it’s heaviest toll.  Every drop will help keep kids healthy across the globe.


Zagaya has been partnered with Biossance for several years to deliver anti-malaria drugs for clinics in Africa, free of charge.


The story behind Drops for Life: the best science keeps giving.

In 2003, five scientists at Berkeley made a bold proposal to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They offered their recently patented biotechnology for production of malaria drugs…and to give the technology away for malaria. In turn, the Gate Foundation, funded a partnership with scientists from UC Berkeley, Amyris, Sanofi and the Institute for OneWorld Health all working together to develop a new process for making a life-saving (95% effective) anti-malarial drug from sugar using this Biology-based technology.

Today that technology has produced over 120 million malaria cures, which have been put out to clinics (forgoing profit!).

The science story did not end there. The same biology-based technology went on to create many biological ingredients including, Squalane, an ingredient that replaces the moisturizing component that your skin looses over time .

Squalane, one of the highest quality emollients available, has been used for keeping skin healthy for decades, but one major source has become problematic. Harvesting squalene from the ‘squalous’ shark has led to the over fishing and decimation of certain shark populations. Amazingly, the same bio-based technology that was used to make anti-malarials can also produce squalane from plant sources, such as sugarcane. Shark-based squalane, is likely to soon be a thing of the past.

We are working to make malaria a thing of the past too. By partnering with Biossance, The Drops for Life program will fund the distribution of malaria cures in sub-Saharan Africa, where malaria takes it’s heaviest toll. This is how we use the best science to have maximum impact - for everyone.

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