Mosquitoes have been called the deadliest animal on earth because they transmit diseases that kill nearly a million people every year, mostly children. In addition to providing malaria drugs, zagaya is working to prevent mosquito-transmitted diseases by supporting new technologies to control mosquitoes. The new technologies work by introducing special male mosquitoes (only females bite to lay eggs) that cannot impregnate female mosquitoes. These “sterile” male mosquitoes compete with wild males and, if released in greater numbers, will outcompete the wild males to produce no mosquito offspring.

mosquitoes mating

This leads to a drastic decrease in the species of mosquitoes that transmit disease without the use of pesticides and without the collateral environmental damage that chemicals can cause.

Zagaya sponsored events at the Puerto Rico Science Technology & Research Trust leading to the establishment of the first Mosquito Control Unit for the island.  Led by Dr. Jose Cordero, these events produced a working roadmap to end the mosquito-borne diseases that plague this American island.

With the recent hurricanes and damage to the island there is a tremendous need to rebuild of infrastructure on the island. The Mosquito Control Unit will serve as a base for a critical piece of mosquito control infrastructure.

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